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Prosperity and extensive growth in the late 19th century was brought to Katowice by the coal and steel industry, turning it into a Silesian metropolis. Today heavy industry has disappeared, and new small businesses are creating a flourishing, modern city. Walk the beautiful old township of Nikiszowiec during the day and be inspired by art and music all over the city. Drop into the lovely shops, and when the evening comes be prepared to spend a long night dancing.

The City

Katowice is the centre of the Upper Silesian Industrial District that contains a number of towns with a combined population of more than two million people. Throughout history, the city of Katowice was not always known by the same name. After WWII, at the prosperity of the Stalinist regime, the city was renamed Stalinogród, but changed to its old name soon after the Comrade Joe died in 1953. Nowadays a young population contributes to the rich culture, modern vibes and the vibrant restaurant scene. More than 100,000 students are living and studying here, which makes Katowice an important science and education hub. Still you can experience the strong Silesian culture that has been developed in and around Katowice. Even world-famous events as the Rawa-Blues-Festival or the international conductor competition are set up here.

Do & See

Katowice continues to steadily add museums and attractions to a growing list of eclectic sites that make the city absolutely unique. There may not be any palaces or castles around, since industrial tourism is what most attracts visitors to the booming heart of Poland’s Industrial Revolution. Churches, growing business centres, and old townhouses are all a pleasure to look at, while an evening in the opera or theatre will complete your day perfectly.


The cuisine in Katowice offers more than just a traditional plate full of meat and potatoes. There is a great variety of restaurants all around town, with a mixture of Silesian and international culinary traditions represented. There is something for everyone, from burgers and sushi to the famous Polish pierogi, which can all be accompanied with a good beer - you will definitely enjoy it.

Bars & Nightlife

Whether you prefer to dance the night away or enjoy a casual glass of chablis, Katowice has the nightlife experience for you. In and around Katowice you will find numerous bars and pubs, some are pubs favoured by the town's students, whilst others can be classified as lounges and discos. With a blend of modern music and (sometimes) curious interiors, Katowice's vibe will make you never want to go to bed.


Although Katowice may not exactly be a shopping Mecca, there are quite a few places one may head in search for local specialties. One of the several wine shops around town are good for sampling local drinks, the Wawel chocolate factory outlet will please those with a sweet tooth, and the famous Bolesławiecka pottery at Dyrekcyjna 4 makes for great gifts and souvenirs. One ultra-trendy store not to be missed by savvy shoppers is the incredibly stylish Geszeft, selling unique designs of clothing, accessories, and stationery.