Portlander Bar & Grill


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Portlander Bar & Grill

If you would like to eat a juicy steak, head over to restaurant Portlander Bar & Grill. At this relaxing and friendly environment you will experience a gastronomic adventure - food that is prepared to perfection and finished in style.


With over 350 eateries, it’s no wonder Wellington lays claim to being New Zealand’s gastronomic capital. The city’s coastal location means fresh seafood is a highlight on many menus, with local delicacies including crayfish, salmon and paua – a New Zealand shellfish. Sushi restaurants are also common. Wellington restaurants source many of their ingredients from the nearby Wairarapa region – look out for the region’s award winning Pinot Noir wines, gourmet ice cream and Aorangi and Gouda cheeses.